Process Flow »

First Stage

In managing daily blending operations, operators maintain optimum inventories of blend stocks and blended products obtained from the distillation process. These include managing inventory levels within tank capacity levels, forecasting plant production of blend & distillate stocks, forecasting sales volumes, and scheduling product purchases and transfers.

Second Stage

To make fuel oil which is used for burning in different industries, the requirement is different types of mixed hydro-carbon oils with different specifications like density, viscosity, calorific value, etc. These products are purchased from different sources and then will be tested in our in house laboratory. Once the exact quality and properties of raw materials is confirmed, the raw materials will then be transferred to the raw material storage tanks. These raw materials will be again transferred to the distillation column for the Processing of fuel oil under different temperatures then it is sent to the blenders which have a capacity of 20,000 liters each. The raw materials will be blended and filtered in desired proportions. Once the final product is prepared with the desired specifications, this material is then transferred to dispatch tanks in which physical settlement takes place.

Third Stage

Then the Final Material in Dispatch tanks is tested in our In house Lab for the Specification assured and is passed through three stage of quality check on the clearance from Lab, we Pack the sample obtained for the particular batch in sealed bottle with the signature's of our plant Quality check staff and as well as counter signed by the tanker driver, so that there is no discrepancies between the sample offered as per specification and the tanker loaded for the Client.