Alternate Fuel »

  • We at Our plant Distill different Hydrocarbon Product through the distillation Column installed at our site and after getting the desired different intermediate product we go for blending Process.
  • Blending the petroleum fuel is the physical mixture of a number of different liquid hydrocarbons to produce a finished product with certain desired characteristics. Products can be blended in-line through a manifold system, or batch blended in tanks and vessels. In-line blending of gasoline, distillates, by products of oil refineries, etc is accomplished by injecting proportionate amounts of each component into the main stream where turbulence promotes thorough mixing. Additives including octane enhancers, metal deactivators, anti-oxidants, anti-knock agents, gum and rust inhibitors, detergents, etc. are added during and/or after blending to provide specific properties not inherent in hydrocarbons.
  • We use different catalyst to achieve the desired product from alternate fuel.
  • In the Process of blending we also use recycled processed oil, reprocessed used oil to develop an alternate Fuel source which is equivalent to LDO produced by the BPCL, IOCl but the pricing is way lower than the government entity as it is created from alternate source and we have been successful in doing since last 5 years with satisfied customer based with consistent quality.
  • Petroleum based products/oils - Fuels made by both of these systems will not gel in cold weather and will not separate once blended.
  • Emissions from the fuel produced out of these systems are very less to that of regular other fuels.